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The San Diego Chapter provides a place on this web site for you to add a page in memory of your child. The link can be shared with family and friends no matter where they live. Your photograph and message can be submitted online or you can send the material and a picture by mail. (If you already have a web site, you are also welcome to add the link here.)

For information on how to add a page for your child, follow this link: Creating a Remembrance Page


Anniversary Page
There is a separate memory page to celebrate the memories of over 100 listed loved ones.

Links to dedicated sites

Esther Bennett

Ethan Estlin Wozniak

Jamie Morgan Mychael Bratton-McNeeley 

Todd Almeida Cutler

Ramiro Zuniga Cedillo

Jennifer Ripperger

John Gittelson


Joshua Lubrich

Garden of Remembrance
El Camino Memorial Park
5600 Carroll Canyon Road
San Diego, CA 92121
(Sorrento Valley off Hwy 805 at Mira Mesa Bouldevard)


Personal web pages: are listed in alphabetical order by last name.

Haley Serena Carter

Damian Reid Carver

Andrew Micheal Hale

Randall Saul Levenson

Gary R. Lopez

Douglas Eugene Lorente

Nicholette Racheal Lyon

Athena Eulee McMillan

Philip Glynn Murphy

Katherine Ramirez




We need not walk alone.
We are The Compassionate Friends.
We reach out to each other with love, with understanding
and with hope.
Our children have died at all ages and from many
different causes;
but our love for our children unites us.
Your pain becomes my pain just as
your hope becomes my hope.
We come together from all walks of life, from many different circumstances.
We are a unique family because we represent many
races and creeds.
We are young, and we are old.
Some of us are far along in our grief, but others still feel a grief so fresh and so intensely painful
that we feel helpless and see no hope.
Some of us have found our faith to be a source of strength;
some of us are struggling to find answers.
Some of us are angry, filled with guilt or in deep depression;
others radiate an inner peace.
But whatever pain we bring to this gathering of
The Compassionate Friends,
it is pain we will share just as we share with each other
our love for our children.
We are all seeking and struggling to build
a future for ourselves,
but we are committed to building a future together
as we reach out to each other in love,
and share the pain as well as the joy
share the anger as well as the peace,
share the faith as well as the doubts
and help each other to grieve as well as to grow.

The Compassionate Friends, Inc.©


Write to:
San Diego Chapter of TCF
3805 Garden Ln
San Diego, CA 92106

Questions about the San Diego Chapter? You can email or call:
(619) 583-1555
(recorded information and a callback if requested)