Our Precious
12/17/96 - 7/23/00


Remembrance Page

Occasionally, we are graced with the presence of an earthbound angel. They bring unprecedented joy and happiness to all they touch, and we bask in their goodness while they are here. We marvel at their gift of finding joy everywhere, and then leaving it behind them when they go...


Haley came into this world greeted by an anxiously awaiting family.  After mom had had 4 miscarriages the whole family was ecstatic at the birth of baby Haley.  As she grew she sprinkled her charm and joy like fairy dust everywhere she went.  She kept us entertained  and laughing all the time.  You couldn’t help but feel happy when you were around her.

She loved everyone and everything except snails, she was afraid of them.  She would go all the way around them, point and say “Mommy please move it”, so I would pick it up and move it.  Every other critter was her friend.

Haley was a friendly little girl, she would go right up to kids she didn’t know on a playground and hold their hand and start playing.  They always looked surprised.

She always ended a phone conversation with “I love me” instead of  “I love you”.  She was just saying what she heard, as she understood it, but in her own words.

We used to rub noses and do Eskimo kisses all the time.  I can still picture her yelling "noses!'' in a panic as Grandma drove away because she forgot to rub noses with her - of course Grandma backed up and got her "kiss good-bye".

She had string cheese every night and it will forever remind me of her. 

We would go outside and look at the moon and stars every night before bedtime and she would yell up to the sky “nite moon, nite stars!”

She would ride in the grocery cart while I reached out to kiss her and we would laugh down the isles.  She loved bathtub games and hiding under the covers, then I would call Daddy to help me find her and when he would pull back the covers she would burst into laughter.

So many memories, so much laughter...

Our precious Haley died of complications 7 days after heart surgery.  She was 3 ½ and is our only child.  We miss her much more than words can express. We do feel her spirit still around us and know that we will see her again, and we do know that she was definitely an earth angel.


One week old with Mom and Dad

Nine months old with Mom

Six months old with Grandpa (Tami's Dad)

First Birthday

1 ½ years old with Grandpa

2 years old

2 ½ years, with Daddy

2 years old

2 ½ years old

2 year birthday with Mom
and Dad

3 years old

2 ½ years old

3rd birthday

2 years old on Uncle Dan Dan's shoulders

3 years old

3rd birthday with Mom and Dad

"Aunt Gayle, you're my best friend!"

"Aunt Dee Tee, Aunt Bicky,
Aunt Dee Tee!"

3 ½ years old.
Easter with Mom and Dad

3 years old

3 years old, with Mom and Dad

3 years old

3 ½ years old

3 ½ years.
Mother's Day with Grandma Dona,
Great Grandma Nini, and Cousin Ryan

3 ½ years old with Grandpa, Aunt Gayle, Aunt Dee Tee and Mom

We love you little Cub,