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The San Diego Chapter of The Compassionate Friends will make it as easy as possible for you to create an online Remembrance Page for your loved one. These pages can be easily shared with family and friends anywhere in the world just by giving them the Internet link. There is no fee for this service, although contributions are welcomed to support the website and other chapter expenses.

Step 1: Submit a picture and message you would like to put on the page.

Messages can contain any information you choose, including stories about the individual, poems, family history, messages to the person, whatever is most meaningful to you. We discourage personal identifying information like addresses or phone numbers. Use your own judgment if you want to include an email address for others to write to you.

Please send the message and picture by email, if possible. The email address to use is:

If you have difficulty getting the picture or message sent via email, or if the picture needs to be scanned, you can mail it to:

San Diego Chapter of TCF
3555 Rosecrans St. #114-569
San Diego, CA 92110

If you send a picture for scanning, a stamped return envelope would be appreciated.

Step 2: Because the Internet is open to the public, The Compassionate Friends must be relieved of any potential liability. Please read the statement below, fill in the two boxes, and click on "I agree" if you do agree.

By submitting this request I release The Compassionate Friends from any and all liability for any use that others may make of the information I provide.

Fill in the boxes and click "I agree"

Child's Name

Your Name

email address

Please contact me by email to confirm receipt

Step 3: Review the page before we put it online. The webmaster will provide you with a temporary link and when it is just the way you want it, we will add it to this San Diego TCF site.

Step 4: (Optional) If you choose to make a contribution to support this web site and the Chapter, please use the information on the following page: Donate.







Write to:
San Diego Chapter of TCF
3555 Rosecrans St. #114-569
San Diego, CA 92110

website (only) communications to:
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