Athena Eulee McMillan
08/31/02 - 08/08/04


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Rainbows and butterflies; when I see them I think of you
Your hair curled up like ribbons, and your eyes, so beautifully blue
Your laughter and your presence made everybodyís day
Itís too bad you had to leave mommy, I wish you could have stayed

Beating strongly though still; your heart is alive and pure
Someone out there thanks you for it, that I am for sure
You gave them the gift of life, even though yours was cut so short
Maybe Someday Iíll understand; and I wonít hurt so much anymore

I know that it was your time, or god would have left you here with me
I just wish some days he'd given me a warning; maybe helped me see
You were so beautiful and so wonderful, the best girl a mommy could ask for
I envision us together sometimes, even though you're not here anymore

I know youíre in heaven having lots of fun, and watching over mommy
I cant wait to be there with you; that day when my soul's set free

in memory of my daughter
Athena Eulee McMillan
08/31/02 - 08/08/04

Her Heart was donated to a 6 month old baby boy




Someday we'll be together again and we'll play all day in heaven.
Someday we'll giggle together again when we play with dolls in heaven.
Someday we'll read your favorite book 'Thomas and The School Trip' again
Only this time it will be in heaven.

I remember how you used to Copy Mommy's every move
And how you would try to do things just like mommy'd do
I remember how you loved to dance to your very favorite song
I remember how you'd listen to mommy and then try to sing along

I remember just how much you loved your kitty 'Dude'
And I remember just how much Your Kitty loved you too.
I remember your excitement when Iíd take the camera out.
I remember your beautiful smile and the way your face lit up.

I remember all those precious times when you'd cuddle up so close,
How you'd drift to sleep so softly, I think that's what Iíll miss the most.
I remember how much life you gave me every single day.
I remember all the joy it gave me Just to watch you laugh and play.

These memories will never leave; they help me to feel whole
These memories will help me heal, and patch my empty soul.
Someday we'll be together again, and Iíll get to see you smile
Someday Iíll be with you in Heaven, Even though it may take a while.

 You Are Mommy's Heart and Soul.
In Memory of Athena Eulee McMillan

Samantha Schmidt




Moving forward after such tragedy can be the hardest thing to do,
How are we supposed to feel when, weíve lost something so pure and true?
As the months pass by so slowly, we know soon that the years will too,
But how does it get easier, when you've lost something so precious to you

When I look into the mirror, all I can remember is the past
I remember the beauty my baby gave me, something that will forever last.
I remember the person I used to be and what she has given to me,
She showed me what true love was, when I though there couldn't be

But when she left for heaven she taught me these simple little things
She taught me kindness and generosity, and the happiness it brings
Even though my baby's gone now Iíll live by what she has taught me
She touched so many lives, so many lives that she'd never seen

Such beauty and such happiness always bubbled from her heart
It was like she was an angel from heaven, brought here to make us smart
Smart to all the simple things, which we'd mostly take for granted
Simple things like going to the park, and that story right before bed
The simple things like kisses and hugs that we thought we'd have always
But what we don't realize sometimes, is that in an instant that can change

When theyíre gone we miss those trips to the park, and their cute little baby wishes
We miss that bedtime story we've memorized, and all those baby kisses
We miss that precious laughter that once brought us so much joy
We miss the mess they'd make, and when we'd pick up all their toys

But now there are no messes to clean up, and all the toys are packed away
There are no more giggles, no more kisses, and no more hugs we would get each day
Itís these little things that we take for granted each and every day
The things we donít realize weíd miss until theyíve gone away

I look forward to each new day now with a goal to help someone
I look forward to each new day, when one simple thing can be done
Itís the simple things that make an impact, even though we donít realize
The fact that we cared enough to help, or be there to light up someoneís eyes

Samantha Schmidt





When the wind blows I can feel you within my grasp
Like your waiting for me to grab you, but you leave again so fast
I see the sun, I see your smile, and it brightens up my day
I feel you always in my heart, that will never go away

Through your eyes I saw the world in a completely different light
I saw such innocence and joy; you made my days so bright
When I go home and I see your pictures covering up my walls
All Your pictures speak to me; I feel your presence in them all.

Mommy will be with you soon, but I don't know when or how
Your spirit lives within me I feel, that's all that I have for now
God wants me here to do something, for what I do not know
But when I finish this task he wants, I will see your heavenly glow

I hope youíre having fun up there, playing with all your toys and friends
I know your being a good little girl, you always were back then
I pray that you'll watch over me, and keep mommy feeling strong
Itís hard to live life down here, knowing forever your life is gone

I pray for strength each and every day, and forgiveness for all my sins
Hoping someday we'll be together, so we can laugh and play again

Samantha Schmidt




It is an unwritten rule, our children should out live us
But as many of us know, this rule can be unjust
Our children often perish long before our passing day
But still we have to live our lives, even though our days turn grey

It is hard for us to grasp sometimes that our little one is gone
Sometimes we like to play pretend, like they've been here all along
We try to numb ourselves inside, from everything thatís going on
Everyday seems like forever, when it's really not been long.

Sometimes we turn to god for help and ask him why, why, why,
We know that we won't know that truth, until it is our time
Some of us lose faith in god, and wonder why were being punished
What did we do that was so bad; he took their life unfinished.

In the end we move on with our lives, we keep their memories strong
There's nothing that will make us forget that parent and child bond
Itís a strong love, which nothing can compare, in any kind of way
And we'll cherish their memories forever, even after our last day.

Itís a glimpse of hope when we think that we will again get to reunite
In heaven they say that all is possible, and nothing is out of sight
As hard as it is, we strive forward, fumbling through our lonely days
Praying hard that someday we will again come together face to face.

Samantha Schmidt

In Memory of My Baby

Athena Eulee McMillan




by Christine Ross in memory of Lucas Christopher Ross 1979 - 2001

If only our children were Easter eggs, hidden safely in the grass,
we could search for them and pick them up, and hold them within our clasp.
We'd have a heavenly Easter egg hunt, All with baskets in our hands,
Searching with a broken heart.  Only WE can understand.

"Oh, look I found your child over here", "Hey, did anyone find mine?"
They are so beautifully colored, and they sparkle and they shine...
These aren't your usual Easter eggs, They each have their own special glow,
That comes from way down deep within, Only a grieving parent would know.

We gather up our special eggs, with excitement all around,
for the gift that we've been given, for the treasure we have found.
We all now stare with wonderment, at our children that have died.
We want to hold them once again, and release them from inside.

But we all begin to realize, we have to crack their beautiful shell,
the one that, makes them sparkle and glow, the one they have earned so well.
We know we can't destroy their beauty, and take them from their place,
so we give them an understanding kiss, as a tear runs down our face.
One by one we take our baskets, with our beautifully colored eggs,
and place them gently in the grass, as we turn and walk away.

We look back in amazement, as our eggs begin to sing.
We see them flutter and move about. "Look, our eggs all now have wings."
Then the Golden Egg begins to speak... "Your children are safe with me."
"You'll be with them when the time is right, together for all eternity."
We stand there in a circle of love, as we look up to the sky,
watching our radiant eggs take flight, knowing our children didn't die.

© 2003 - Christine Ross


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