Randall “Randy” Saul Levenson
June 6th, 1969 - June 13th, 1988


Remembrance Pages 

Randy was our middle child. He was born just ten months after our first son, quite unexpectedly. He was such a tiny, beautiful baby, weighing just 5 lbs. 6 oz. He scared us, he was so small. He did everything early, everything his brother did. When he was only 11 months old we had to buy him a big boy bed, he was throwing himself out of his crib, because he saw his brother climbing out of his crib. That was Randy; he always went for what he wanted, with gusto! As he grew, he did everything that way, there was never any fear. I’m sure that we visited every emergency room in town the first few years of his life, nothing ever too serious, a few stitches here and there. He had fun, riding his bike, skateboarding, sailing, surfing, jumping into the ocean off cliffs, anything adventurous, Randy was there.

What a terrific big brother he was to his sister Debbie, and a younger brother to Michael. He taught his sister how to drive & made sure that she was safe. All her girlfriends were crazy about him. He was our entertainment, always joking, teasing, and playing silly pranks.

That is why, when one week after his 19th birthday, all the lights went out, just as unexpectedly as he came to us, we were left with the biggest void of our life. There was never a reason for his death, no explanation, nothing. One day he got up, left the house to begin his day...and we never saw our beloved Randy again. The coroner could not even explain what happened.

I am writing this 14 years after losing Randy. Randy, being Randy is just now showing us signs that he is with us. What a comforting feeling that is!

To our beloved Randy, till we meet again.


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